Marlee + Caleb

Marlee and Caleb tied the knot in the beautiful home of Caleb's parents in Nelson, BC on St. Patricks Day weekend. Only their immediate family was present, including their adorable little guy - Jackson!

I was so happy to have Marlee's mom ask me to take photos of their intimate day. I've know Marlee since we were kids. We both grew being taught by the same singing teacher and often sang together in choir. Marlee is a couple years younger than me and I always thought of her as being little. Well - not anymore! It was so neat to see her all grown up with a beautiful family of her own. This was the first time I met Caleb and I loved the way he looked at Marlee and goofed around with their son, Jackson.

We ventured down to 1 mile beach after the ceremony for some more family photos and had some fun. Jackson entertained us all with his awesome sillyness. Love this kiddo!

Congratulations Marlee and Caleb! <3