Baby Nathan

I was so excited when Rose and Owen asked me to come take some lifestyle shots of their new baby boy, Nathan.

Steve and I first met Owen a few years ago through a mutual friend. We have our usual solid group of friends from highschool but Owen fit right in. He's the type of person who makes you feel like you're his best friend and makes sure you don't lose contact. He's grown to be one of our best friends. He's very smart, fit and super modest about all of his awesomeness. We always talked about how great of a guy Owen is and how we can't wait for him to find a great girl. When he met Rose we knew they were a perfect match. Within the last couple of years they've put their life in overdrive and have gotten a fur baby (Numa), got engaged, bought a house and had a beautiful baby boy.

 These are two people that we've always admired, and know they'll excel at parenthood. I remember not long ago Rose talked about being unsure of having children. Thinking of that, I teared up editing these photos because you can clearly see how smitten she (and Owen) are over their baby boy. This little man is super lucky and I just can't wait to see what adventures this family has in store. <3

Also, it's pretty awesome our little ones are only like a month apart so they're obviously going to be best friends! (Two of them at the end)