Ellen + Ryan

I was so excited to do these photos of Ellen and Ryan! I’ve gotten to know these two a little bit over the last year and I just love seeing them together. You can just tell they’re best friends.

Ellen gave me some ideas for location for the shoot across the highway from their house. We went down a path and found some awesome spots along the way, including some “weeds,” (I don’t even know if they’re weeds - does anyone know what they’re called?!) on the side of the highway. I’ve always been drawn to photographing these long reddish things because I love the texture and colour of them. Ellen and Ryan accepted my weird obsession with the weeds and complied with being photographed in them.

I always find that the couples that say they’re the most, “awkward,” in photos end up being the least bit awkward and the photos of them turn out amazing! I had so much fun third wheeling it up with these two and can’t wait to do it again for their wedding in December!