Mini Family Connection Session


$100 Family Connection Mini

What is a Mini Family Connection Session Exactly?

Same idea as a Family Connection session, except these are short, sweet and offered only on specific days throughout the year.

Book your time now! Full amount due when booking.

February 15th – Rossland Water Reservoir
April 15th – Trail Gyro Riverside minis
May 1st - Mother’s Day Connection Minis Nipkows Greenhouse
May 2nd - Mother’s Day Connection Minis Zuckerberg Island
June 11th – Lupin Connection minis – Millenium Park 
August 1st – Nancy Green Minis
August 7th – Stone Meadow Garden Minis 
August 8th – Stone Meadow Garden Minis
September 25th - Marsh Creek Campground
September 26th – Marsh Creek Campground
October 9 – Fall Minis - Kiwanis Beaver Creek Park 
October 10 – Fall Minis - Kiwanis Beaver Creek Park 
October 16 - Fall Minis – Champion Lakes
October 17 - Fall Minis – Champion Lakes
November 23 - Winter Minis – Nancy Green
November 24 - Winter Minis – Nancy Green
December 1st – Rossland Water Reservoir minis

Sessions include:

10-15 minutes of shooting
5 edited photos (Chosen by you from 10-15 edited photos).

Want more photos than the 5 edited included in the package? You'll be given these options once the photos are ready to be viewed and chosen:

$10 - 1 additional photo
$30 - 5 additional photos
$50 - All Photos

**No extended family bookings**
**Full amount due when booking.**